The Return of The Return of the Proverbial Cockblock

Of all the movies accused of being monarchist, The Lion King is somehow the most hilarious while actually making the best case for it. Since. You know. ALL AGRICULTURE DIED.


pro___ FIND IT on Tumblr has an excellent break down on how so-called “progressive fantasy stories” witoug

(And look I just did a three part series all name after the Lord of the Rings trilogy and I am such a Star Wars fan I will fight you on it being fantasy and not sci five so hey I”m in grad Schoo, I’m in no position to be judging anyone.

No, is this going to break a breakdown on all the problematic elements of Tolkein which, influences the lives of marginalized groups today (I personally tend to recognize Tolkein and progressive for his lime — not to damn with faint praise — and take more issues with incoironically.

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