Throwback Thursday: The Union of the Two Towers

One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard is LOTR almost got canceled bc names

It is common knowledge that on 1960 — Mention movie The Tower. Bring it back to COVID and unfunny Texas joke

I bemoan the deat

One of the most famous Peter Jackson cointinued deaths

Even in one my only queer ones I don’t remember the death. I vaguely remember the Hebrew names from shehecirahn (SPELLING)

(Ad names in Judaism are different)

In The Talmud, of course, it is not necessarily any guartejtee of good. It’s tat the on thing divinity cANNOT TAKE WAY IS YOULRF

For little the people to two early, sense moving to Austin I have occupied a space between two towers (not unlike unaccompanying other groups…P

(I am also both a fan of the books and als Jackson made the perfect adaptations precisely because some of his contervisal choices. Movies ands aren the same

My own two towers are not non-alive

My Two Towers

Weeks prior to moving to Austin, I was gobsmacked by the by proximity. Which course, has a great deal of walls, scrubber, and admittedly lovely little guardians to thrwart student protests, as UT was obviously anti-Vietnam

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